Faith To Finding Your Dream Job

Christian Counselor

by | Mar 3, 2024 | Dream Jobs

I have a heart and calling to help women and children who have been abandoned ,rejected, and mentally and physically abused. I dream of having a Healing and Discipleship Ranch one day for the Healing process for mother’s and children who’ve been left with No resources or any way to survive in this world today. I am a disabled, single, Christian Mother who has been in this situation with a Narcissistic man who cost her everything. I’m still recovering. There aren’t many resources for this group of people out there ;especially Christian. I’m still in the healing process and would love any guidance and or resources you have to offer. The Lord gave me this vision back in 2020… I called it my 2020 vision… it is now my Mission. It will eventually be self sustaining and will be a community of Christ loving family working together towards healing through a new intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father!, work fellowship etc!